Back from ROMANIA!

Members from ROMA Foundation recently came back from their ROMA Excursion to various communities in the western portion of Romania! What an awe-inspiring trip it was. We were able to work with local partners (Talmid Ministries and Veritas) to distribute rain boots to children in need. And the timing could not be any better as winter is right around the corner!

The children were so excited to receive brand new rain boots and could not wait to put them on so that they could play. The bright fall leaves were crunched beneath their feet as they ran in the school yard playing their games. We were able to sing songs with them and teach them about ROMA. The kids also loved having their picture taken, either with their friends, by themselves, or with ROMA team members.
The time did come when we needed to leave and just as we were leaving, one of the girls came over and said in Română, “I will miss you very much!” She gave us all big hugs and with a smile, she waved goodbye.

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Want to see more pictures from the trip? We would LOVE for you to look through our gallery. You can view that right here: ROMANIA

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