2017 – A Year In Review!

Although 2018 has arrived and is in full swing, we wanted to share  some of our most favorite highlights from 2017!

– We donated over 29,000 pairs of rain boots to children and families inBosnia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Moldova, Nicaragua, Peru, Romania, and the United States

–  We expanded into 3 brand new countries: Bosnia, Costa Rica, and Peru

– We held our 1st campaign during the summer of 2017 where ROMA allocated 5,000 pairs  of rain boots for families in the southern portion of the United States that were affected by the hurricanes

– We partnered with CERI Kids to donate 10,500 pairs of rain boots and cozy liners to children and women in Moldova

– We produced 2,000 pairs of rain boots in collaboration with the movie WONDER

We celebrated our annual Day of Hope by organizing our 1st boot drop at local school in Dallas, TX: Jill Stone Elementary

– We launched our website and established brand new social media channels for the foundation

– We opened our very 1st office space in Dallas, TX

Check out our gallery     Check out our gallery (1)     Check out our gallery (2)

We are excited for what 2018 will bring!
Will you be a part of our journey?


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